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A nude girl holding a pink rose. She is smelling the lovely flower and looking very happy with with her present from her lover.

The Flower. Delphin Enjolras.
A bare chested woman flaunting her breasts and nipples while smelling a pink rose. The way to a woman's heart is with flowers. Red roses are the symbol of love. Boost your chances of lovemaking by buying her some flowers. That's right supercharge your love life by buying the love of your life some flowers. Then you'll put a smile on your face. Sex and love share exactly the same part of the brain, so the MORE you make love the more you BOTH fall in love. If you want more flowers, then indulge in more sexual activity and watch the flowers arrive by the truck load. So starting tonight. Go for it! Rinse and repeat. Any guy will tell you happiness is a warm gun! You can keep his gun warm with your love canal. Keep up the fun and sexual pleasure with lots of passion! You can never have too much sex!



Lite Erotic Art page 2 with sexy paintings of horny nude women and lusty ladies Discover many seductive paintings of arousing naked females for your pleasure Be happy with lovely paintings of hot girls

Lite Erotic Art 1 Find pretty paintings of lovely ladies and beautiful naked women. That's right! Horny artwork for boosting a girls desires for sexual pleasure.
Sensuous paintings of feminine beauty and lovely nude ladies with flowers and roses.
Paintings of very famous lesbians and their lovers.
Venus the Goddess of Love along with lust, desire, and sensual pleasures.

Red roses are the flowers of love. Enjoy this stunning picture of a beautiful flower

A rose says I Love You.
Red roses are the flowers especially when you feel romantic and looking to impress your lovely lady.

Boost your lovemaking by looking at nude art. That's right! The more you look at nude art, the more turned-on you will get. If you have issues when you were younger, looking at paintings of naked women will slowly help you heal. Don't rush in at a 100 mph, slowly does it. Mind you, horny women might find they a blowing a fuse or two by looking at nude art. Anyway, I hope you enjoy checking out the many paintings of hot sexy nude girls and steamy erotics. You shall find the odd sex stories on here as well as the art. They are free sex story thrown in for the fun of it. On top of the free sex story or two the paintings are free to copy and paste as well.


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  A beautiful painting of a lovely lady catching her stunning feminine beauty in a portrait.

Ariadne is Comforted by Bacchus. Antoine Jean Gros.
Ariadne has lovely eyes and very curly hair. All the better to seduce Bacchas with. Although, I think she is past the halfway mark. She has beautiful breasts and outstanding nipples. She is thinking, I wish he would hurry up!

A sensuous portrait of a lusty lady. A busty woman with big bosoms and pretty flowers.

The Toilet. Delphin Enjolras.
A voluptuous woman at her toilet. An elegant lady with big breasts in front of a mirror is wearing yellow stockings and there are pretty flowers behind her. This woman is certainly looking for a hot time in the old town tonight! She knows that she can wrap any man around her little finger! I mean the big tits! They cannot look her in the eyes.

A lovely nude lady arranging pretty flowers in a vase. The beautiful naked girl has very nice breasts.

Arranging Summer Blooms. A painting by Delphin Enjolras.
Nice flowers! The pretty pink roses are being arranged by a nude woman who is showing her sexy bosom. The foxy lady feels very comfortable in her naked body. Just doing things around the house naked helps you lose hang-ups. Losing your hang-ups leads to hotter times making love. That's right! All those hang-ups interfere with love making! Read sexy novels and other types of fancy erotics for better love making and you too can be a Love Goddess.


Venus on the beach with a shell to her ear. The naked Goddess of Love has sexy bosoms.

  Venus with a Shell. A painting by William Adolphe Bouguereau.
Venus the Goddess of Love has very erotic breasts with lovely nipples. She also has very pretty eyes and luscious lips. All the better to kiss you with. You would expect nothing less from the Goddess of Love. Watch out guys the love goddess is on the prowl.

A painting of the Roman Goddess of the Dawn, Aurora. A semi-naked lady is showing her boobs. 

The Gates of Dawn. Herbert James Draper.
There are flowers in her hair as well as flowers everywhere and pretty red roses around her feet. This painting is on display in Buckingham Palace, where Christopher Robin went down with Alice! Although it has probably been recently moved to King Charles bedroom from the room where it was kept.

Nymphs are girls with a very high sex drive who go hunting for it everywhere. They are lusting for love.

 Hylas and the Nymphs. A painting by John William Waterhouse.
The nymphs have lovely luring eyes and delightful breasts along with flowers in their hair. Nymphs love to have lots of sex so Hylas could be in a bit of trouble here. All the breast of luck to you Hylas!   

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A lovely lady is showing off an erotic breast and a naughty nipple. There are pretty flowers behind her to add a bit of romance.

The Japanese Kimono. Delphin Enjolras.
A pretty girl is admiring herself in the mirror. The lady is checking out her seductive look in the mirror. "Will showing him my breast have any effect on him? Or should I play hard to get? Nah! Flaunting my boob will do it!" There are pretty pink & white flowers sitting on the drawers behind the sexy lady. The woman knows exactly what she wants and she knows how to get it. Her partner is in for a hot time in the old town tonight! 

 A naughty nude girl admiring a pretty flower in her hair. The woman is very hot and sexy and ready to have a great time. 

Bare by Her Dresser. Delphin Enjolras.
A naked girl with nice eyes and a white flower in her hair. The flirtatious female has luscious lips & sexy bosoms on display for all to see. "All the better to love you with!" Is what the hot girl with lovely breasts is saying. Her lover had better watch out when he turns up! After he walks in the door he'll know that the heat is on! She'll give him no chance to escape!

A nude girl showing off her breasts she has long seductive red hair down to her bosoms.

After the Bath (The Little Bather). A painting by Pierre Auguste Renoir.
A buxom girl with long red hair down to her bare breasts. The pretty
young lady has nice eyes and lovely lips and lustful bosoms for all fun
and pleasure she desires. The lovely young girl is sitting patiently
with a sheet around her while her likeness is caught by Renoir.
Artists and their subjects normally indulge in a lot of sexual activity.
I suspect that these two would have been very tired after each sitting.

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Lite Erotic Art page 02 with sexy paintings of horny nude women and lusty ladies. Discover many seductive paintings of erotic naked girls.


Lite Erotic Art 1 Find pretty paintings of lovely ladies and beautiful naked women 2.
Sensuous paintings of feminine beauty and lovely nude ladies with flowers and roses 2.
Paintings of very famous lesbians and their lovers 2. Gay ladies and famous females
The naughty nymph's, sirens, fairies (related) all lust for sex. They are always hot and horny. They are very wicked girls and have sex with males, females, and Satyrs. Even all three at once!.
Harems are the home to Odalisques who provide sexual favours to Sultans.
Odelisques are the girls who provide sexual favours to the Sultans.
Venus the Goddess of Love. Lust,desire and sexual pleasure are what Venus gives to you.
Lite Eotic Art Page 2 Paintings of nude girls and foxy females Lusty ladies showing off their naked bodies in the name of art.
Lite Erotic Art 03 Nude paintings can help to improve a woman's sexuality and love.
Lite Erotic Art 04 Naked paintings of sexy women can help girls with better lovemaking.
Lite Erotic Art 5 Discover naked paintings of foxy females and lusty ladies in portraits.
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Lite Erotic Art 7 Find vintage portraits of cute girls showing their sexy breasts.
Lite Erotic Art 8 Beautiful paintings of sexy nude girls and lovely females.
Lite Erotic Art 9 Elegant portraits of sensuous women and seductive females.
Lite Erotic Art 10 Pretty paintings of luscious ladies and dainty females.

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